The Jinx

“Apparently I am pushing a jinx about the streets. I am certain that I can do better with some other wagon. A new cart, a new start.” John Kennedy Toole, Author

It’s a jinx to write up introduction posts, no question about it. Right below them, nine times out of ten, is a copyright footer. Too often do writers just abandon whatever project they had in mind right after the first post. You’ll never see an introduction written on a wildly successful website, it’s too full of other things.

Which I usually take as a tragedy, thinking of the potential that’s been wasted. My mind wanders to the question of where are they now?, but this is a subject that I could write an entire post about.

And yet, there is a compulsive human need to write one up, and for me that has trumped logic.

Ultimately, though, this is just an exercise for me to start getting in the habit of publicly writing, again. It’s embarrassing to admit that I’ve wanted to start a blog for years, I’ve even accumulated a substantial amount of research on the subject, and still I have yet to actually start one.

If for whatever reason, you’re interested in a stranger’s beginner blog, read on.

What is this blog?

I have an idealistic vision for this blog, and a pragmatic one.


Idealistically, I’ll use this blog as a vessel for essay writing. Non-fiction writing is something I have interest in, the best stories are the ones that are stranger than fiction. But that’s also a topic for another entry.

What’s actually important to me is to attempt to personally reclaim this medium. As the internet has evolved over the past decade, blogging has regressed. The original content people once created has been replaced with . I believe that there can be something that can be done about this. I believe that authentic and original longform prose can become mainstream again. Medium rising in popularity is a great example of how this is actually happening.

But like I said, it’s ideal. The majority of what’s going to be written here isn’t going to be a romantic advocate of turning the definition of blogging on it’s head (mostly because that would become boring after awhile).


Pragmatically, this is going to be me writing intangible and random, on a daily basis. I’m not really going to be writing anything insightful or in a specific topic, this is just a dumb sandbox for me to experiment with, so I might actually get good at writing.

It’s really more of a space for me to archive what’s important to me, and allow me to figure things out and then be able to reflect and review previous entries. I’ve been using Buster Benson’s 750words on-and-off for the past four years and while I’ve never been good at maintaining writing as a habit (my longest streak lasted ten days), but it’s always been a good host for my current state of affairs.

In all honesty my written entries on the website are almost identical to this post. I always find myself beginning, renewing something that barely started to begin with. Unnecessary and redundant recalibration.

Rules and Regulations

In order for me to not fall of the wagon (as quickly), I’ve written up a few rules that I’ve taken an honour vow to follow, because there needs to be some sort of organization to this blog.

These rules were actually written awhile ago on a previous journal project I had.


  • First and foremost, writing to every day.
  • Write at least 750 words per entry.
  • If I fail at either of the above two, I will not detract my future writing by apologizing for it.
  • Figure out useful tagging and categorization (still something I need to do)
  • Save a .doc on LibreOffice every day for local storage.
  • Sync to Evernote on a daily basis, making sure to tag what I already have.
  • Sync to Dropbox and Drive on a weekly basis. (More about weeks below.)
  • Write things that I can ‘extract’ and make more meaningful articles about.
  • Add this list to the Manifesto (More about Manifesto later.) As well as somewhere on this site.
  • Try to do this first thing in the morning.
  • Try to write 750 words in under 20 minutes, adding a timer for when I start.


  • Maintain a ‘weekly’ post on main blog to keep promises, habits and committments, as well as what I’ve done in that week.
  • Maintain a spreadsheet recording important factors on a daily basis (hours slept, productivity etc.) and have each week be a seperate spreadsheet.
  • Sync to Dropbox and Drive on a weekly basis.
  • Complete weekly goals in Manifesto (ie music, coding, social media, fitness)

Upcoming Posts

It’s amazing how many ideas for future entries pop up in your head when you get down and completely write down just one. I think the first thing I’m going to do is write more about me myself! Although that would fit more on my ‘About’ page.

Until tomorrow!

P.S The website’s design and layout are still being worked on a lot. Please bare with me. :)